The Slow Moving Disk

TurteliniThe more you look, the more you see.  It seems that everywhere I turn, I am noticing more remarkable flora and fauna.  The other day, as I was mowing my backyard, I passed a slow moving disk.  Upon closer examination, I discovered a courageous Box Turtle hatchling making its way out into the great world.  Held aloft in my garden gloves, you’ll note the formidable scales on his mighty arms and his proud beak.

The Eastern Box Turtle is in decline and the Virginia Herpetological Society has a program collecting information about reported sightings.  For great info on turtles or herp activities in general, they have a fine site that can be accessed at:

Dave, Riverine Master Naturalist

Turtle eggs found in June near our adopted gardens in Bryan Park

And more! These turtle eggs were found in June near our adopted gardens in Bryan Park. The eggs, a bit more than 1 inch long, were quickly covered after this photo was taken.